Job search websites of 16 states exposed SSNs

On March 12th, a breach of the Kansas Department of Commerce's "America's Job Link Alliance-TS" job search websites server was discovered.   Two days later, the sites were locked down but only after 563,568 residents had their info harvested along with 1,393,109 of Alabama, 896,380 of Arizona, and 807,450 of Illinois.  In total, 5.5 million SSNs had been leaked from Arkansas, Arizona, Delaware, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Oklahoma, Vermont, Alabama, and Illinois.

Kansas has no official data breach notification laws and wound up paying SHI $235,000 for  incident response and $175,000 to Shook, Hardy, and Bacon lawyers for legal representation.  It has been reported that only 260,000 notification emails wee sent to victims because "they don't have the contact details for everyone affected."