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2014 April 22
by Todd Plesco

Lietuenant General Ion Mihai Pacepa was a 3 star general in Communist Romania’s secret police the Securitate.  Lt Gen Pacepa was chief of foreign intelligence and the state secretary for Romania’s Ministry of Interior.  His defection and subsequent work with Central Intelligence Agency in the USA led to the annihilation of secrets held by Ceaucescu’s intelligence network in communist Romania.Disinformation

His latest book, Disinformation, analyzes and reveals a diverse landscape of campaigns in propaganda.  In the chapter Global War On Religion, he goes into fine detail about Christianity and Judaism being targets of defamation through disinformation campaigns.  In one example, he describes how Stalin’s paranoia of a mass exodus by Russian Jews discovered by a two month mail interception by State Security results in dissolution of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee along with the closures of Jewish schools, theaters, and synagogues.

In another chapter, Operation “Dragon”, Lt Gen Pacepa unveils enormous amounts of detail regarding Oswald’s relationship with KGB and their zheleznaya yavka (“iron meeting”) between him and Kostikov in Mexico City.  Valery Kostikov was an officer of the Soviet foreign intelligenc PGU’s Thirteenth Department for “wet affairs” (wet being a euphemism for bloody).

Even further revealed are inner working details around Andropov’s disinformation machinerey to persuade the Islamic world of Israel and the United States’ intention to transform the world to a Zionist fiefdom.  In this chapter From Disinformation To Terrorism, a list of “anti-Zionist” operations are listed spanning 1968-1978 which are attacks while Pacepa was still in Romania.

The book is gripping and full of intriguing questions of the modern era.  It authoritatively provides a missing dimension to understanding how the media remains vulnerable to historical revisionism and lying campaigns while shining a light on the political evils of propaganda.

Florida legislatiure bans collection of student biometrics

2014 April 22
by Todd Plesco

The Florida legislature has passed an education data privacy measure, SB 188, which would prohibit public schools from collection and use of student biometric data.  Data would include "fingerprint or hand scan, a retina or iris scan, a voice print, or a facial geometry scan" and  "weight and height of members of athletic teams, dates of attendance, degrees and awards received, and the most recent educational agency or institution attended by the student.".

The measure additionally includes wording to protect against the harvesting of students' and parents' political affiliation, voting history and religious affiliation, as well as banning ad-hoc contact by sales marketers or journalists.  The measure stipulates the replacement of social security numbers in databases by a proposed student identification system.  Perhaps this is a drive to create a statewide ERP system?

The bill is scheduled to be signed by Florida Governor Rick Scott.

One county school district will have to sunset their current use of a $155,000 palm scanner system which is used to debit lunch accounts.

California Penal Code Section 530.5-530.55 prohibits obtaining personally identifying information of another person with the intention of using that information for an unlawful purpose. This includes biometric information such as fingerprints, voiceprints, retina and iris images, and other data as personally identifying information.  A prosecutor must show that the defendant willfully obtained the personally identifying information and used it without the owner's consent. California law also criminalizes the sale or transfer of another person's personally identifying information when the defendant had actual knowledge that the information would be used for an unlawful purpose or the defendant had a fraudulent intent when selling or transferring the information.

Heartbleed bug abused by an Ontario Canada Western University student

2014 April 21
by Todd Plesco

Charges have been made that the Canadian Revenue Agency's (CRA) website was breached by 19 year old Stephen Arthuro Solis-Reyes. The RCMP claim that over 900 SIN numbers were taken from the CRA website.  Stephen is a computer science student at London, Ontario Canada's Western University.

He was arrested Tuesday and is accused as one of many for using the Heartbleed bug to extract taxpayer data from the CRA website.  He is charged of one count of unathorized use of a computer and one count of michief in relation to data.  He is expected to appear in court in Ottawa on July 17th.