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Target Corp and Trustwave Holdings Inc sued by banks

2014 March 27
by Todd Plesco

The lawsuit alleges:

Target failed to implement and maintain the necessary safeguards because doing so cut into profits. Indeed, Target's IT department, called Target Technology Services, chooses cost-effective but not actually effective technology to deploy across Target's stores. As explained by  Target's Director of Infrastructure Engineering, Brad Thompson ("Thompson"), in a study analyzing Target's systems, the Target's IT systems are "a cost center, and so [it is] always looking to drive down costs where possible." In the same case study, Target's Senior Group Manager of Server  Technology and Enterprise Storage, Fritz DeBrine, said that "[t]o keep our management costs down, it's in our best interests to have a streamlined IT infrastructure at each store."

That fact was confirmed by John Deters, a Target engineering consultant who testified on behalf of Target in litigation alleging that Target violated provisions of the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act [FACTA] by improperly printing credit and debit account informationincluding the full account number and card expiration date on credit and debit transaction receipts. As Deters testified, "Target retain[s] the full account number" and "then store[s] that information regarding the transaction, including the account numbers… of the credit card or debit card and the expiration date and the cardholder's name, in its computer system."

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UK Coroner Fingers NHS Computer System in Toddler’s Death

2014 March 13
by Todd Plesco

…attributed in part to the past effort to fully computerize the UK’s National Health Service.

According to the Bristol Post, a coroner in charge of the inquest into the death of Samuel Starr, aged three, indicated in a narrative verdict that, “Due to the failure of the [Royal United] hospital's outpatient booking system, there was a five month delay in Samuel being seen and receiving necessary treatment.”  It is very rare for a coroner to criticize a hospital IT system so directly…

Universities are fighting data breaches and security threats

2014 March 10
by Todd Plesco

"After two large data breaches at universities in Maryland and Indiana and increased phishing attempts at colleges across the country, schools are offering assurances that they are trying to safeguard the personal information of students, faculty and staff…" writes Nick Clunn of Tech Page One

Nick Clunn is a journalist covering the tech beat and an adjunct professor at Montclair State University. He lives in New Jersey, where he had worked as a staff writer for several leading daily newspapers and websites.

Read more of his article here.